Students and parents with IGS can access our online learning system at any time—and from anywhere in the world, wherever an Internet connection exists. 

IGS has three distinct school levels, Elementary School (grades K-5), Middle School (grades 6-8), and High School (9-12). Grades 6-8, the middle grades, serve as a transition for both students and Academic Coordinators, to the high school grades. It is during the high school that credits, graduation requirements, grade point average, and college readiness become the focus.


Students use the online learning system to access their daily lessons, which include all the information and resources required for successful completion. They can also:

  • Submit their assignments directly online;
  • Participate in live web classes;
  • Join interactive discussions about their subjects;
  • Connect with their teachers and reach out for extra help whenever they need it;
  • Use our complimentary onsite campus for studying or in-class discussions.


For parents, built-in planning and progress tools let you easily schedule or view lessons online, log attendance, and monitor your child’s advancement to make sure he or she is moving at the right pace. Helpful screens show which lessons have been mastered and which ones require more work.


Diploma requirements

To receive a Standard Path Diploma from Ivy Global School, students must successfully complete the General Requirements below, with a minimum of 3 Credits (6 Course Enrollments) with Ivy Global School.  




4 credits


4 credits (Algebra 1 and higher)


4 credits 

Social Science

3 credits (must include 1 credit of US History)

World Language

2 credits (must be same language, must be non-English language)


0.5 - 1 credit


0.5 credit

Liberal Arts Studies

1 credit, including

- Computer Literacy (or approved alternative) - 0.5 credit

- Fine/Performing Arts (or Competitive Sports) - 0.5 credit


3 credits

Total (minimum)

24 credits