Ivy Global School aims to provide study opportunities to meet every single educational goal. The school provides different solutions for diversified diverse learning styles: Self-paced, independent, tech-integrated, active, diverse, and impatient are some of the adjectives that describe today’s students.


Full-Time: For full-time students, IGS is typically their school of record. Full-time students typically enroll in four (4) core courses and supplementary/elective courses for Elementary and Middle School, or six (6) credits per school year for high school. Students can take more than the required number of credits, but these additional credits must be purchased in addition to the full-time tuition fees.


Part-Time Enrollment: The part-time program at Ivy Global School is designed for students who wish to accelerate or catch up on course credit or seek a flexible schedule. Students can choose to take at least one course to be enrolled as part-time students.