Policies & Refund

Students are accepted and registered for classes with the understanding that they will remain for the entire course. Instructor contracts and the commitment of other Ivy Global resources are made on that assumption, creating obligations that are not relieved when students withdraw.


Ivy Global refund policy is designed such that students who withdraw from a course share in the costs incurred.

Refund calculations are based on the date and time a parent/guardian informs Ivy Global of their intent to drop his/her student from a Ivy Global class. All drop requests must be made through email, fax, or over the telephone.


Tuition refunds are determined according to the following schedule:

To receive a full tuition refund, the student’s parent/guardian must make a drop request no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the seventh calendar day from the day his/her student registers for a class. This date is calculated on the date a student registers and not the date a student actually logs in to the course.


Students who inform Ivy Global of their intent to withdraw their student after the seventh day of class will be ineligible for a tuition refund and the student will receive a W (withdrawal) on his/her transcript. Students who withdraw after the 20th calendar day will be ineligible for a tuition refund and will receive a W/F (withdrawal/fail). This grade will negatively affect the calculation of a student’s overall GPA on the transcript.


The Ivy Global administrative staff and instructors are available to assist students and their parents/guardians in exploring alternatives that may allow the student to successfully complete the course in lieu of withdrawing.