Why Ivy Global


At Ivy Global School, students are not limited their learning to location and schedules. All  you need is a computer with a strong internet connection. With flexible learning, students will be the center of education rather than teachers and actively interact with their online courses and their peers.



All of our courses are aligned to state and national standards with a focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills. Our programs are supervised and taught by US-licensed teachers with clear instructions in every course.  



 Our courses are personalized for students to enjoy learning at their own pace. Students will quickly learn how to manage their own time, schedule, and organize their coursework to master in what they learn. All of these are life skills that later they can implement in the workplace.



Being a US private school, Ivy Global School has access to a network of US colleges and universities such as Skidmore College, Broward College. Students of Ivy Global can schedule a personal interview with these school admission staff. Moreover, Ivy Global School also provides expert US College admission counseling to all students, including university and course selection, application procedure.