Who we serve

Ivy Global School (IGS) is proud to serve students who desire:

  • Credit Acceleration - shorten your graduate time by taking more classes
  • Curriculum Expansion - a variety of courses
  • Supplement Courses - make up credits
  • Challenging Coursework - AP, TestPrep, and Honors classes
  • Flexibility - study anywhere, any time


Our students attend IGS for many different reasons, including:


College Bound:An IGS education is centered around the essence of a college preparatory experience. Our teachers and counselors will always be with students every step of the way.


Accelerated Learners: Academically talented and highly motivated students thrive in an environment where they are regularly challenged to realize their full potential. Our course and curriculum options are designed to challenge students to discover, explore, and grow. Since our courses are asynchronous, students are able to work ahead in particular subjects or take additional time on a lesson if needed.


Pursuing their Dreams or The Student Athlete: Whether your dream is to pursue an acting/theater/music career or become a professional athlete, our courses are asynchronous, meaning that students can complete their work when it is convenient for them. 


International Students: Ivy Global School offers International programs for K-12 students around the world. It is a great opportunity for students to earn a US High School Diploma without traveling to the US. The international programs will reduce the efforts of travelling to the United States and expenses incurred on Students visa (I-20), travel arrangements and accommodation arrangements. It is also extremely cost effective as all you need is a location, computers, internet access, and support staff.

International students can transfer to our partner schools in the US such as Montverde, Fryeburg Academy, MizzouK12, etc. See our Partnership page for a complete list of schools.