About Us

Ivy Global School provides students and families with a complete curriculum provided by highly qualified partners, Florida Virtual School and Edmentum, that meet State and National Standards. Our programs are supervised and taught by US-licensed teachers with clear instructions in every course. The curriculum is available for any time zone anywhere and the teacher is available on a weekly basis. Students can work on their own sometimes and other times the students work with teachers in real-time.

  • A high-quality education aligned to rigorous national standards.
  • A high school program that provides students with an individualized pathway to graduation and career and college preparation.
  • A Family Support Team that helps parents, students and extended family members play an effective role in their students' education.



Ivy Global School is committed to create a learning community in which every type of learner will utilize their strengths to seek knowledge and strive for the exceptional through high quality instruction in our virtual platform. We are also committed to ensuring that students feel connected to their peers. Through interactive functions (i.e., threaded discussions, live chat rooms in the learning management system), students are provided consistent, regular and quality interaction, creating a rigorous and relevant learning environment.



Ivy Global School’s vision is to become a premier institution providing an online curriculum aligned to the rigorous American educational standards.



Our core values are to create an environment of Accountability, Honesty, Acceptance, Integrity, Respect and Service. In this environment, every individual is part of a shared community that is empowered by the process of learning and teaching. Moreover, all students, teachers, and staff actively challenge their own responsibilities, beliefs, and values in their daily practices, collaborate with others for the personal and academic development and achievements of all stakeholders.



Ivy Global School was notified on June 23, 2021 by the Senior Director Accreditation Services, Cognia (also formerly known as AdvancEd) that "Ivy Global is accredited by Cognia and NCA CASI, NWAC, SACS CASI".

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