How to enroll

Enrollment Calendar: Typically, Ivy Global School school year comprises two academic terms: Fall term (starting in August, September, or October) and Spring term (starting in January, February, or March). However, there is greater flexibility that features multiple start dates to fit your student's needs. There is also a variety of activities and options for the Summer Semester (May - August). Please contact an Enrollment Coordinator for more information.  


Please follow the below step to enroll in IGS: 

Step 1: See the Enrollment Calendar for a schedule of cohort start dates.

Step 2: Complete the Enrollment Application form and submit required materials. Enrollment packages can be found here.

Step 3: Discuss with an Enrollment Coordinator: Within 48 hours of submitting the application, an enrollment coordinator will contact you to discuss learning program, course recommendations, and transcript analysis, as needed.

Step 4: All non-native English speaking applicants must pass an English language assessment with a 65% or better

Step 5: Pay Tuition: Please arrange tuition payment with an enrollment coordinator. Please contact admissions team for further details 

Step 6: Approval! Once all steps above are completed, you will receive an Enrollment Confirmation Letter.